The best money saving app around!

Definitely the best saving tool around – I’m so tight on budget every month, that every little bit saved helps! If you haven’t already, you definitely need to download SnapnSave – available on Android and iOS.


Watershed Live

Last Friday evening I was invited by a friend to attend an intimate performance by one of South Africa’s top acoustic rock groups, Watershed. The gig was at Oven Baked in Muizenberg, which provided a cosy set up for the band to woo us with their latest offering, their new album titled “Watch The Rain”. Pizza and beer aplenty, Craig and Howie kept us entertained and reminded me again just how much talent we have in this country.

The new album is a little bit country, and will definitely keep you bopping along to the strumming ukulele and singing along.   Watch the video for the title track:


You can listen and buy the full album here

I’m definitely looking forward to more live performances over the summer months. We’re so spoiled in Cape Town with amazing venues hosting some of the country’s top acts, and I’m looking forward to seeing Watershed again soon.




Happy (almost) Easter

I’ve been absent. I know. No excuses. I have been busy and just absolutely uninspired that I haven’t even visited this little piece of the web that belongs to me.

Weekends have been mostly busy, and some weekday evenings too. We’ve taken advantage of summer this year and had picnics on the beach, at the park, and enjoyed the weekday specials at several kid friendly restaurants around Cape Town.  I’ll post about some of these over the next few weeks.


I want to redo the theme, I’m not enjoying this one at all (possibly part of the reason why I haven’t been interested in visiting). I’m going to challenge myself to change things up a bit. Maybe figure out what exactly my theme is?

I’m not a mommy blogger. I’m not a foodie. I’m not a wine Connoisseur. I’m not a music or travel writer. But I am a mom, I love food, I enjoy my wine (and learning the history of the wine estates around the Western Cape), and I really enjoy live music. So maybe we’ll do a little bit of everything, yes?

Chat soon.

Gearing up for the holidays

I’m a bit slow on the uptake this year. My Christmas tree isn’t up, Aurora hasn’t even asked to put it up yet. I’m sure we’ll get it up in time though.

Aurora finished school last week, and I only finish work end of next week, with 2 weeks off. I’m planning on making those 2 weeks as much fun for us as my pocket will allow.

We’re heading out to Klondyke Farm for cherry picking on saturday, it’s something I’ve been promising to do with her for the last 3 years, and every year we miss the season. Strawberry picking has been done so many times already she’s not interested in going again this year.

Work has slowed down for my team quite significantly as our clients tend to not want to see us in season, so we have a lot of unscheduled time to kill during the day. This was me working yesterday…




I did have some good conversations though and lined up a few meetings for the new year, so I did achieve something at least 🙂

I missed you

I haven’t even logged on to my blog for a long time, I feel kinda sad that I’ve neglected it so badly for so long.

Truth be told the last few months haven’t been easy. I have been fed up, frustrated, depressed, angry and sad for what feels like a long time. But a few weeks ago I finally got to move into my own place again. I can’t even begin to tell you how much weight has been lifted off my shoulders – not having to tip toe around other people, living in the chaos that comes with living in a shared space.

The last couple of weeks have been so dramatically different for all of us, freer, happier, lighter. Aurora LOVES having her own room. There are no more fights about bathtime or bedtime, she sleeps in her own room all night and wakes up without a fight. We dont have to leave before 7am to get to school on time, so getting ready in the mornings is so much less stressful for us.

Even my animals seem to be more comfortable. My dog flinches every time I pick up a wooden spoon and I can’t help but wonder what went on when I wasn’t home? Anyway, the new normal now is anyone (furbabies included) has free range both inside and out of the house.

Anyway, I seem to have missed a 3 year anniversary on the blog, so I am going to make a point over the next couple of weeks to completely revamp the site, make it more me going forward and less what it was/has been as it ties in with quite possibly the most difficult 3 years of my life.

Saturday also happens to be my birthday – the start of a new year so I guess it all ties in quite nicely.

New blog, new home, new life, improved me 🙂

Chat soon!