Busy bees

Wow what a jam packed weekend! I do enjoy having Aurora with me because she really is a social butterfly and likes to be out all weekend. We had dinner with my cousins and aunt and uncle on Friday evening, which is always fun as they are really such great people.

Saturday morning started out with Aurora’s classmates 4th birthday party at Spur, which was chaos to say the least. But in all a fun few hours and the cake was really cute (birthday girl’s Gran’s first attempt at making a theme cake)


The party was immediately followed by lunch at Panarotti’s in Cape Gate with @cupcakemummy and @thestilletomum and all the kids. It was fun making the pizza but all the kids wanted to eat them and weren’t happy that they had to be taken away and Put In the oven to actually cook…



On Sunday a Braai we were invited to was canceled as my friend’s man was down with flu, so I picked her and her son Charlie-Hawk up to head through to Grand West for some ice skating and games. It was a fun afternoon out


Aurora and I decided that we still wanted to Braai, so we did and it was delicious! Nothing better than a steak on the fire and a glass of red wine (Umfiki Merlot) to end what was definitely a most enjoyable weekend.



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