Tattoo consideration….

I’m not one for needles and such – I’ve made appointments I think twice in my life and both times have cancelled at the last minute. Usually because my selected partner in crime (whoever that was, I honestly can’t remember) decided they didn’t actually want to get a tattoo done.

But now I’ve been thinking for some time that I’d like to have one with my daughter’s name – although I have absolutely no idea where I would put it (@cupcakemummy suggested collar bone or around the wrist). Wrist would work for me, but collar bone sounds like it would be incredibly painful…

I found a site that provides tattoo fonts (, and one in particular that I like – Feathergraphy2. So here is what it looks like:


I think I’ll keep looking, but this does have an appeal to it…  any suggestions welcome 🙂

I am stopping at the tattoo parlour on my way home from work. I like this:


With a finisher on each end, wrapped around my left wrist. 🙂 I shall keep you updated!


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