Everyone needs a little holiday now and then

This past weekend I went to Montagu Guano Caves (http://montaguguanocave.co.za/) with some good friends and the kidlets. We arrived to warm balmy weather quite late on Friday afternoon, but soon got settled into the bushlapa and had a fire going. Clever us sitting with the car door open for music didn’t realize all the smoke was blowing into my car – which now, a week later, still smells like firewood :/  I’m sure it’ll come out…  eventually hahah! Any tips on how to get the smell out the car though would be welcome!

Saturday was really filled with fun activities – heading through to the warm pools and swimming, kids playing soccer with B & A,  hot dogs for lunch, horse riding, checking out the various animals –  alpaca, llama (weird creature), pigs, goats, emu, ostrich, sheep (with lambs no older than 3 or 4 days), geese, chickens – gosh the list goes on and on!

The only disappointment I can say is that the trip up to the cave (which is the key attraction) was cancelled on Sunday morning as the tractor driver had taken ill, and there was no one else to drive the tractor. I was quite annoyed by the whole thing as I’d really pushed everyone to get ready on time and dragged them down to the office where we waited for someone to come and drive the tractor! The kids were disappointed but we easily distracted them by heading back to the pools for a swim before lunch and finally heading home.

It was a great weekend, from start to finish and I’m definitely keen to go back. If you’re looking for a family getaway out of Cape Town for a weekend then this is the place to go. The kids did not moan even once that they were bored, and the adults could unwind and forget about the worries of the week.

Image  Image



This is Scooby – he is quite possibly one of the biggest dogs I have ever seen. He’s a great dane and is getting on in age.  He arrived at our camp on Friday evening, and made himself quite comfortable. So comfortable in fact, that he slept on my bed for the night. According to the office they have build an enclosure to keep him in, but he breaks out every Friday and together with the cat (Fat Cat, nickname Baccardi) they roam around the camp site looking for suckers (like me) to pamper and feed them. On Sunday afternoon when all the guests go home both cat and dog return to the house, bellies full and well petted, to wait out the week until the next bunch of soft-hearted animal-loving visitors arrive.  Whoever said it’s a dog’s life sure got it right 🙂


I’m thinking of booking again for the Easter weekend, but I’d need to work out whether Aurora is with me or her dad over that weekend and then plan accordingly.


2 thoughts on “Everyone needs a little holiday now and then

  1. cupcakemummy says:

    Need to take Fysh 🙂

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