The ABC’s of Friendship

I saw this now on facebook and thought it was so cute. And I wanted to add to my post from earlier this week 🙂

It has been a week of repairing friendships – a close friend I haven’t spoken to in nearly 7 months contacted me on Tuesday after a fall out on her birthday. It’s been sad not to have her around when I went through my rough patch with the retrenchment and such, and it’s even sadder that she’s split from her husband and I wasn’t there to support her. We’re meeting up on Sunday and hopefully we’ll get our issues out and over and move on. We’ve been friends for 10 years – it’s not easy to walk away from a friendship that long.


I know the pic is small – sorry 🙂

Have an awesome weekend everyone! The weather in Cape Town is going to be amazing all weekend and I have some fun stuff lined up!


3 thoughts on “The ABC’s of Friendship

  1. cupcakemummy says:

    Hugs lady friend

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