Bland October – so far

Well after all the excitement of September, it being my birthday month and generally full of awesomeness, I have to say that October thus far has been quite chilled. Nothing much happening, except starting to get into the swing of things at gym. I’m struggling really hard with food and wine at the moment, and each time I resolve to have nothing bad to eat today someone brings cake to work and all of a sudden my chicken salad looks… well…. bland…  🙂

I had the lovely ladies I call my dearest friends round for dinner on Saturday night. It was so great to actually have everyone together again and catching up over a drink or 2 and we have resolved to do it more often – at least once a month like we did before. I always feel good when I’m with them.  And I was super chuffed that @cupcakemummy popped in for a few minutes before she went off in her gorgeous dancing shoes to Barbosa – I think we should all arrange a night out on the town for some sexy sassy salsa lessons! 🙂

I’ve had a few issues with Aurora’s dad over the last couple of weeks (which has I suppose contributed to my lack of posts) – his shit stirring seems to have coincided with his breakup with the girlfriend (mentioned here). I’ve decided to let it go – his thoughts and issues with me are his own problem, not mine. I just hate that the things he says and does makes me do things to accommodate him just to avoid starting another fight. He is a master manipulator and has no issues resorting to bullying to get his way.

I’ve been giving this topic a lot of thought, looking at my experiences with my ex, and also close friends who are going through the same with theirs. Watch for my post on this – I hope it’ll help other parents, both mothers and fathers, who find themselves on the receiving end of an ex-partner using the child/ren to manipulate and instill fear and insecurity.


One thought on “Bland October – so far

  1. cupcakemummy says:

    I’m going to sic the panda on imigimi! She’ll put his hypocritical arse in place with her over the top connection to jesus.
    Need to visit soon again, soon as things settle and sort out will defo make a plan, miss my friend xxx

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