A plea from the SPCA over the Guy Fawkes celebrations – please please please keep your pets, dogs and cats, safe and away from potential harm. Just because you may not be setting off fireworks in your yard does not mean that your dogs won’t get scared and attempt to jump a fence or wall and get injured.

Every year the SPCA and other rescue organizations are flooded with terrified animals – please be conscious of the effect our noisy celebrations have on our four-legged furbabies.





What should you do if your pet goes missing?

When posting information about a lost pet, the following information is extremely useful – PHOTO, date lost, type of animal, colour, gender, age, if neutered, collar, microchip, name, any distinguishing features, 

area and contact details of owner. 


1. Contact all the animal welfare organisations (see list below). Don’t just contact those in your area – sometimes people pick up an animal in one area and then drop them off at an organisation far away. Check-in regularly with the animal organisations and even visit regularly if you can. 

2. Contact all the local vets in your area. A list can be found onhttp://www.lostdogs.co.za/vets.php?pageNum_recListings=0&totalRows_recListings=59&province=WESTERN+CAPE+PROVINCE&area=CAPE+PENINSULA
SA Pet Pages magazine also has a list.

3. Put up posters – street corners, local shops, schools, etc. Also go and knock on every single door in your surrounding neighbourhood.

4. Place a yard sign in front of your house with a photo of your missing pet and your phone number. People who find a dog often walk or drive around the area, trying to find the pet’s owner.

5. Contact your local neighbourhood watch/ security company

6. Advertise on facebook – each animal welfare organisation has its own page. However, the following pages are also helpful: Missing Pets South Africa, Petfinders, Jack Russells – Lost and Found, Huskies Lost/Found & Homeless, Lost and found CATS South Africa , Lost and Found Pets South Africa, Traffic fines, cameras & updates in Cape Town, Barking Mad, Western Cape Animals

7. Advertise on the following websites: 
Gumtree Lost and Found http://capetown-westerncape.gumtree.co.za/f-Community-lost-and-found-W0QQCatIdZ9032
Also check these sites regularly:http://www.tah.co.za/lost_pets.php,http://www.tah.co.za/found_pets.phphttp://www.tah.co.za/strays.asp

(websites will enable you to select areas – links above may be relevant only to Cape Town area)
What to do if you find a pet?
1. Take the animal to nearest vet to check for a microchip.
2. Notify ALL the vets in the area as the first thing people do is phone the local vets. A list can be found on http://www.lostdogs.co.za/
SA Pet Pages magazine also has a list.
3.If you find a dog, try taking it for a walk in the area where you found it (as long as it’s not a busy highway!!) ask people in the area if they recognize the dog, knock on doors, ring the bell etc. It sometimes is the quickest way to find the owner and get the doggy home. 
4.Put up posters – street corners, local shops, schools, etc. Also go and knock on every single door in your surrounding neighbourhood.
5. Notify and advertise on facebook, internet and newspapers as mentioned in the advice above for lost pets.
6. Don’t divulge too much information about the animal and please ensure proof of ownership before handing it over to whoever claims it.
7. If you have found a ringed bird, phone 021 689 5118

Guy Fawkes and Your Pets


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