I suppose one of the biggest stresses in life, apart from death or divorce, is moving. And I’ve just confirmed that I will be moving out of my beautiful 2 bedroom home to more than likely an apartment. In town. *sigh*

My daughter starts at her new school in January and logistically it makes sense to make the move. The move will save me at least 2 hours a day in traffic – 2 hours that I can spend with Aurora. Travelling costs will also be cut in half, so there is quite a bit of positives.

On the negative side? I won’t be as close to my friends and family. I more than likely won’t be able to take my dogs with me. This is a HUGE issue for me because they are my family! What am I going to do without them? How will they manage without me? My gorgeous friend has offered to look after them for me – this is a huge weight off my shoulders because I am not giving them away or abandoning them back to a shelter. No way! Those babies are mine and always will be. 

I just have to remind myself that this is temporary – 6 months or a year from now my circumstances may change and they can come back home…  

I hate moving at the best of times – this one is quite possibly one of the worst moves…. 😦

Life’s Big Stresses


One thought on “Life’s Big Stresses

  1. cupcakemummy says:

    You’ll make it work as best you can

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