34 before 35

I’ve seen a number of my friends and other bloggers creating a list of things they’d like to achieve before their next birthday. The list is as long as their age, and each year the list is changed and updated according to what has been done. Unlike resolutions it’s not so bad if you don’t manage to complete the list before your birthday – carry over what still needs to be done and start (or carry on) with the latest list.

So today after doing my earlier post I figured I”ll make a list and focus on working through it before my 35th birthday in September 🙂

1. Get a job (obvious)
2. Find a new family home for Aurora and I
3. Invest in a tent and other camping equipment 🙂
4. Go camping with Aurora
5. I have to learn to speak German
6. Take at least 1 “Me Day” a month. No phone, email, Twitter etc. Just me doing what I want
7. Get a new laptop. Mine is going to end up against the wall pretty soon!
8. Get a tablet. Because I just want one. 🙂
9. Enter and complete a half marathon
10. Go to the movies at least once a month with Aurora
11. Go ice skating. And actually get on the ice.
12. Take a trip to go water skiing for a day or weekend. I haven’t been for years and I’m keen to get back in the water
13. Learn to kite surf 🙂
14. Read 20 new books
15. Visit my granddad with Aurora
16. Try a new hairstyle. I’ve had the same style for about 4 years.
17. Have sundown cocktails on Table Mountain
18. Hike up Lions Head
19. Spend the day at a spa getting pampered
20. Volunteer at an animal shelter at least once a month
21. Do more arts and crafts stuff with Aurora. This includes baking biscuits, cupcakes, and cakes. I want to attempt to decorate a cake on my own – luckily living with Cupcakemummy  means I have an experienced baker to learn from 😉
22. Take Aurora to Bugz Play Park,.. silly I know, but we’ve never been
23. Spend the day touring around Cape Town on the big red bus with Aurora
24. Take a trip to Robbin Island
25. Go puddle jumping with Aurora 🙂
26. Get a bicycle and start cycling
27. Take a train trip to Simons Town with Aurora
28. Drink less wine – limit to weekends only (this has been easy so far due to lack of finances hahahah)
29. Take at least one photo a day with Aurora – capture every day with her!
30. Have a mini-break weekend in Durban and spend the day at uShaka Marine World
31. Get a new tattoo 🙂
32. Have an anti-Valentines Day party!!! Except of course if I’m seeing someone, which is unlikely, lol
33.  Buy at least one music CD every month
34. Go for picnics at the various places in and around Cape Town.

There we go!  I thought it would be hard to think of 34 things I wanted to do this year – but now that I’ve given it some thought there are a few more things that I’d like to add… lol


4 thoughts on “34 before 35

  1. Claire says:

    Love your list, a good few ones there I might just steal your ideas on, doing more things with my babes rather than sitting at home all the time although funds are limited, look for good deals and free entries. hee hee and take more photos of me and the kids. I don’t take many photo’s of them and come to the realisation that I don’t have many photos of them while they were growing up.

    Although I am miles away, I still love you and wish I could spend some quality time with you and the rest of the gang.

    Maybe you can add another item to your list, you and Aurora come and visit us in the UK.

    Love you bf

    • Tash says:

      A trip to the UK is definitely something that I should do! We’ve been friends for 18 years or thereabouts? More than half our lives! 🙂 Hopefully finances can start looking a lot better over the next few months and even if it takes a year or more to plan and save it really is something that I MUST do. I’ll also have to get Aurora’s dad to allow me to take her out of the country, which could prove difficult, but we’ll cross that bridge if we get to it. Take care of you and the kids and may 2013 be your year! 🙂

      • Claire says:

        Thanks hun, it has to be better than the last 2 years have been, but need to be positive. Start looking out for myself first and lose some weight (a lot of weight actually), going to make sure that in 2013 I am going to be a lot fitter and healthier then maybe I will be more positive. Negativity is drowning me. 😦

        As soon as I win the Euro Millions Lottery I will buy you and Aurora a first class ticket to the UK. Just need those 7 lucky numbers. Hee hee.

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