Champagne Wishes :)

A friend of mine invited me to join him and some other friends on a boat for the afternoon yesterday. I was expecting the usual cruise on one of the boats at the Waterfront – instead we boarded a privately owned fancy boat (Cupcakemummy reckons it could have been a Princess boat) that I’m pretty sure would be on just about any person’s fantasy wish list!

We had an amazing afternoon anchored in Granger Bay as the wind was too hectic to cruise out to Clifton as was originally planned. I met some really great people and drank delicious champagne. Once we docked we headed to the clubhouse at the apartment block  and had a lazy late afternoon braai.  All the while Claude, the barman, kept every glass full of bubbly until well into the night.  I was well and truly spoilt yesterday and loved it!

I was feeling a bit worse for wear this morning when I woke, but it was definitely worth it 🙂



2 thoughts on “Champagne Wishes :)

  1. cupcakemummy says:

    You deserve it poppet. Might not have been a princess now I see pics but she’s definitely a beaut

  2. Tash says:

    She had a beautiful queen size bed, a granite top kitchen (with gas stove), fridge, dining area (with TV)… fully kitted out… really really nice boat. Maybe one day when I’m big hahah! 😉

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