2 February: 3 Significant Memories from Childhood

The first memory i have from childhood is the day i met my baby brother Dean. I had been with my grandparents while my mom was in hospital and i vaguely remember my brother being almost larger than life. It was like he had magically appeared in my life and taken up residence on my mother’s lap. I was few months older than Aurora  is now.

Some of my favourite memories were with my grandparents. I can’t pinpoint an exact time, but i know i was always happy when i was with them.

This one makes me sad: I’ll never forget for my12th birthday i had a “disco” and my mom went and bought Pop Shop Volume 1 with Kylie and Talking Heads and Rick Astley on LP !!! My dad hired disco lights and we turned the dining room into a full on disco. It was amazing and i was so excited!!! Only 1 kid from my class pitched up… i had been in hospital to have my appendix removed 3 weeks before, and only handed out my party invitations when i got back to school. I had no idea that another boy in my class was having his party the same day – i didn’t get my invite because i was off sick and no one told me… i think this is the reason why i like to plan things well in advance now.


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