Weekday afternoons in Cape Town are just so awesome :-)

I fetched Aurora a bit earlier from school today because i a) wanted to miss the worst of the traffic, and b) spend a bit of time on the beach with her. Aurora wanted ice-cream as part of the deal so i scraped my last few coins together for a soft serve cone from Mickey D before hitting the beach.

We had so much fun, playing splashing games and screaming every time we saw a dead crab or jelly fish… shrieking when our feet got cold and wet from an unexpected wave that goes further than any of the ones before… we watched the kites and played on the swing and the jungle gym and greeted dogs and laughed and giggled and just had fun being together.

Last Friday we stopped at the Company’s Garden to feed the squirrels (and have ice cream) before heading home…


It’s afternoons like this that make me feel so incredibly blessed to be living in such a beautiful city with such an amazing child in my life.

And i have to admit that for this i definitely don’t miss being in an office environment 🙂








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