Happy Wellington’s Day :p

I’m not one for hearts and flowers and chocolate (ok, I am one for chocolate), and Valentine’s Day is usually just another day for me. In the past I have gone out of my way and tried to make my significant (or in most cases, insignificant hahah) other feel loved and special. But that’s just the problem – I’m the only one that’s made the effort. So, I stopped, I’m just not bothered any more. It’s far too commercial and the true meaning of Valentine’s has been lost.

I would like to say though, Happy Valentines Day to my friends, family and followers – the people that are with me, supporting me and cheering me on. The ones that have opened their hearts and their lives to me… thank you… πŸ™‚ You’re all special to me, every day.



2 thoughts on “Happy Wellington’s Day :p

  1. cupcakemummy says:

    and a happy happy one for you gorgeous xxx

  2. Tash says:

    Thanks lady. I ate 2 cookies πŸ™‚ Ok, 3 haha!

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