Some days….

Sometimes you have days where you kinda think “screw this shit, I’m going back to bed”.

I’m having one of those days, since last night nothing has really gone the way I usually expect it to, from waiting more than 30 minutes for a table at Spur, to waiting a further 30 minutes for our food to arrive, not getting any sleep, breaking up a dog fight that woke everyone in the house this morning, being unable to find any of the clothes that I planned on wearing today, did I mention not getting any decent sleep?

Expired milk in my coffee, 2 hours of awful traffic, and a child who, knowing I was already running late wouldn’t get out the car until her movie was finished. Yes, we were in traffic long enough for her to watch a full length feature film.

My saving grace today is that I know tomorrow is a public holiday and I don’t have to do it all again until Thursday.

Bring on the wine this evening, if I don’t fall asleep at the front door when I get home….

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