When You Disappoint Someone You Love

On Monday last week I saw a post by a close friend on Facebook saying how much she would have loved to make her 14 year old daughter’s dream come true by getting her tickets to the Justin Bieber concert in Johannesburg, which is happening tonight.

I know the family has been through a really difficult few months and I thought geez, I really wish I could help them out… a couple hours later when I checked Twitter, a user announced that he had won tickets to the Joburg show, and that he was unable to attend so the tickets were up for grabs.
I thought wow, how fortunate is this, timing is everything, and maybe I could actually help out and surprise this young lady with tickets… I chatted with him, and he kindly agreed to donate 2 of the tickets to my friend and her daughter, and that he would let me know as soon as they were delivered to him.

Sadly the tickets haven’t arrived and I’m sitting here with an aching heart because all I wanted to do was help and I failed.  It’s also rather strange that he’d won the tickets, but whoever he won them from couldn’t get them delivered to him in time?

There are some genuinely kind and helpful people out there, I have met some of them online and they have helped me even though we’ve never met.  Guess I just had a little too much faith and trust this time around.

It’s not a good feeling at all… 😥


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