Icky Tuesday

This morning I woke up and went about my usual early morning routine, got Aurora up and dressed and in the car by 06:25 to get her to school. I reversed the car out the drive way, then got out while madam made herself comfortable with her breakfast, blanket and a movie in her car seat in the back.

When I turned around I realized with a sinking feeling that the car was no longer where I had left it – I hadn’t pulled the handbrake up quite far enough and it had rolled down my driveway, into the neighbour’s car, dented both cars quite badly, and continued to roll down and into the street where the pavement on the opposite side brought it to an abrupt halt.  All this with my daughter strapped comfortably in her car seat in the back. I hate to think what could have happened if the vehicle that turned into my street had driven past 2 seconds earlier….

In my panic I freaked out that maybe Aurora was freaking out but all she said was “I’m fine mommy, why did the naughty car drive by itself?”

The neighbour was quite chilled about the whole thing, despite the damage to his car. I was expecting some sort of disciplinary from the company though, but again I’ve been met with understanding and “accidents will happen, thank goodness no one was hurt. Insurance will sort things out”… I am feeling quite grateful that things are taken in stride here at the office, no major freak outs or anything, but I’m pretty sure the guys will rag me about it for a while to come.

I was wide awake after that – and you can bet your bottom dollar I will never leave the car running or out of gear when I get out to lock the gate again.


One thought on “Icky Tuesday

  1. Cindy says:

    Sherbit that is scary! Glad it was only the cars that got damaged.

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