Long Time no see

It’s so nice when old friends are in the area and you get the chance to catch up after years of not seeing each other!

A friend and his son were down from Joburg for a few days, so I picked them up on Saturday morning and we headed through to Monkey Town in Somerset West for the day.

Monkey Town has more than 230 animals and 28 species of exotic monkeys, including Tammy, Ruby and Sunny, the 3 chimp sisters. Most of these animals were born in captivity, and kept as lonely pets in cages. A lot of the animals were confiscated or donated. There are also koi ponds, many bird species and small antelope on the premises.

The Bush Pub and Grill provides a relaxing area for parents to relax while kids run around and play on the jungle gyms, trampolines, Wendy house, swings and more.

On Sunday the kids were away so Juan and I headed through to the Route 44 market at Audacia in Stellenbosch. We had a great lunch and enjoyed a few glasses of wine while catching on on the last 6 years or so since we last chatted.

I love weekends that just end up being so much more awesome than expected 🙂


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