New Huggies Gold for Boys and Girls Breakfast Launch

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to get an invite to the launch of the new Huggies Gold disposable nappies for Boys and girls. Together with some of my favourite Twitter and blogger mommies we had an awesome time while eating an absolutely divine breakfast and listening to Dr. Michael Mol give an interesting talk on the developmental milestone of toddlers and potty training.

Huggies know that baby boys and baby girls are different – and their nappies should be too! The girls absorption strip is lower down, while the boys is more to the front. And with absolutely adorable little Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse pictures on the nappies, the little ones are sure to love them too!


The decor for the breakfast was beautiful and fun, with our table somehow managing to steal all the Lego (for @cupcakemummy) and tiaras off the other tables.  Huggies were super thoughtful and packed each mum a personalized gift pack based on the age and gender of her child. Thank you Huggies, Aurora loves her Disney Hop Scotch play mats.


Although my madam hasn’t been in nappies for a very long time (I still have half a pack of the Huggies Dry Comfort) I’m very happy that I was invited to the launch. I have expectant parents in my circle of friends that I can confidently recommend Huggies Gold to when their little bundles arrive 🙂



Thank you so much for an awesome morning!

You can find out more about the New Huggies Gold for Boys and Girls on their website.


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