34 before 35 – Update

I think in winter a lot of stuff slows down – my social life, my physical activities, and my ability to blog frequently too, apparently. 🙂 So, I thought I’d update everything that I can so far on my 34 before 35. I’ve just realized that there are only about 6 weeks until my birthday, and I’m not nearly close enough to finishing this list in time. But, at least I’ll have a good start on what needs to get done for the next year.

So lets see shall we:

1. Get a job (obvious) – This is the one thing that I focused on more than anything else. I started a corporate sales job at the beginning of March, and so far it’s going well. I think this is where I will spend a significant chunk of my working life 

9. Enter and complete a half marathon – well…. I haven’t been training. I had every intention of entering the Gun Run in October, but having not trained properly I really didn’t want to risk injuring myself. I have however entered the 10km run and have been given a target of an hour and 15 minutes in which to complete. This will be the focus for this particular event.

12. Take a trip to go water skiing for a day or weekend. I haven’t been for years and I’m keen to get back in the water – last weekend I went with someone I met recently to Langebaan for the day on Sunday to play around on the jetski. Unfortunately the water was way too choppy to spend too much time out. And to be honest I was terrified of falling into that ice cold water. Maybe I’ll go again when the weather warms up a bit.

14. Read 20 new books – this I’ve gone way past already – I think I’ve read over 30 by now. eBooks are just so much more accessible than paperbacks.  I’ll update the list on the Books I’ve Read tab

16. Try a new hairstyle. I’ve had the same style for about 4 years – so I cut my hair a lot shorter and coloured it a lot darker than it has been for years. I’ve been considering having a couple of purple streaks added but house-mate and I never seem to get around to actually getting it done. 🙂

23. Spend the day touring around Cape Town on the big red bus with Aurora – this we actually did yesterday, which I will blog about separately in a bit 🙂

It looks like I have a lot to do still – let’s see how many I can fit in between now and 19 September 2013.




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