September Blog Challenge Day 6: Top 5 pet peeves

Oh this one is easy:

5) People in fancy cars where the indicator was an optional extra. Seriously, splash out! It’s quite a useful feature!!  You’ll be amazed how much less people swear at you on the road if you just use it.

4) People who empty the kettle and don’t top it up and turn it on for the next person. Seriously, it’s not that hard!!!

3)  I hate it when SUVs park next to me on both sides in the parking lot. I drive a small car, I like to be able to see if I’m reversing into oncoming traffic. Seriously, I think SUVs should have separate parking at the end of the mall in huge designated bays.

2) I really hate bad radio adverts. Some of the ones really grating me nerves right now are the Hirsch’s, SABC TV license (with the old man and the nurse), and the Sanral e-toll ads. Kills me. Every time.

1) Absolute biggest pet peeve is when I see dogs running around in the streets. If you are going to have a pet, you should be responsible enough to look after them properly and do your absolute best to ensure their safety and security at all times! There are so many irresponsible pet owners it really bugs the crap out of me!!! We have shelters full to the brim with abused, lost and abandoned animals. Humans should be ashamed of the way we treat our animals.

And don’t even let me get started on the poaching crisis with our Rhino and African Elephants.


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