The 2014 update

Okay so I’ve been absent and distracted for a good several months already. My time has been taken up by New hobbies, New friends, building stronger relationships with old friends, and crazy schitzo exes. The crazy ex has resulted in me having to create a new Twitter account, set up multiple spam filters on my Gmail account, have various email addresses blocked on the server at work, set the highest possible secure filters on Facebook and share my photos on Instagram by request only. The experience had left me feeling invaded and wary, but screw it I should be allowed my tiny space on the internet without feeling threatened right?

So, even if I don’t feel like specifically writing about anything in particular, I suppose I could just share a photo here and there, maybe chat about something that’s bothering me, a funny conversation, anything that I feel I could share. Get my blog back on a roll.

I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to teach Aurora to swim. It’s not the easiest task – but she’s been determined and I’ve been patient and we’re making really great progress! My main reason for doing it now is because I’ve recently started surfing, and I can only go on the weekends when she is with her dad. I just don’t have anyone I can leave her on the beach with while I paddle around and get dunked for 3 hours at a time.  I think we’ll be ready to take her into the water by the end of February and let her play around on a boogie board, just to get her used to the idea of waves and how to go with the flow of them, so to speak.  I chatted with her yesterday about it and she’s quite excited, and let me know that she’s already been “sand surfing” a few times with her dad so she says”it’s no problem mom I can do it”.  She’s fearless and willing to try anything, which sometimes leaves me with a pounding heart and a little short of breathe. In all honesty though I’m super proud of her.


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