The Tooth Hurts

Most people don’t like the dentist. And it’s easy to understand why – The drilling and injections and bright lights in your eyes while your jaw is clamped open and the good doctor trying to have a conversation with you in which your communication is limited to grunts and groans and a slight nod or shake of the head. For goodness sake can’t they see you can’t engage in an articulate conversation?

I have been to the dentist a total of 12 times since last September for problems with one tooth! A single tooth that just wouldn’t behave after fillings were redone a couple of times. Eventually I had a root canal in November, the tooth broke in December (on New Year’s Eve), and started giving major problems with sensitivity to cold. So last week I had the root canal redone and went back today for what I thought would just be a quick filling and then I’m all sorted.

20 minutes into the appointment I needed the loo. I thought I could wait. 50 minutes in, I was fidgety and getting anxious. 90 minutes in and my jaw was starting to cramp and ache after being clamped open. 110 minutes in and I thought I would punch him in the fucking face if he didn’t get his hands and drills and needles out of my mouth!!

2 hours and a R4127 (what the actual fuck?) Bill later I’m ALMOST done with this tooth. Almost, because now I have to go back to my usual dentist for a crown.

I’m done with dentists for a long time now. I feel like I’ve been punched several times in the face and I wonder whether the dentist knows the difference between “slight discomfort” and actual real fucking pain.

You know what else is in severe pain and distress? My medical savings (officially depleted for the year) and my bank account. 

Not even a glass of wine can cheer me up right now :-\


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