Winter meh!

I’ve never been a fan of the colder weather. It’s a bit chilly now today and I’m working from home thanks to a bit of a car problem. I’m seriously debating getting a fire going, but there isn’t enough wood for the whole day and I don’t have a car to go get more. Meh!

I like being warm. I prefer a fan and an ice cold drink over blankets and jackets and heaters. I don’t like cold hands, or frozen toes, or that chill on my neck. 

Aurora isn’t bothered by the heat, and she most certainly doesn’t feel the cold. Why are kids so nonchalant when it comes to outdoor temps and dressing appropriately? Even on the coldest day my child will take her shoes and socks off and walk around on the cold tiled floor. It baffles me.

Right now though I think another cup of coffee is due. 


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