Lazy Weekends

Some weekends are meant for doing next to nothing. This past weekend was just like that. I

My car started giving hassles on Wednesday evening, so I dropped it off at the mechanic on Thursday morning. Aurora and I stayed home all day, her watching movies in bed and me working from home. I eventually got the car back on Friday mid-morning, but that meant that I couldn’t get to work (or Aurora to school) on Friday either. Needless to say the issue actually hasn’t been fixed, and I am now waiting to hear from the mechanic how much it will cost to replace the part that needs replacing because it’s one of those dealer only parts which means it’s going to cost an arm and a leg! Just another cost to rack up in the less than 2 months that I’ve been driving it since changing jobs. Before this it’s never given me issues :/

Saturday we just pottered around the house, sorting out cupboards and tidying up the garden a little bit. We treated ourselves to sushi on Saturday evening, which I think miss Aurora is beginning to enjoy a little too much. She’s switched her preference for Spur or MacDonalds to sushi. Not going to be easy on the pocket!

IMG_20140517_173820 IMG_20140518_142205 IMG_20140518_145807

On Sunday we had an early lunch at with Amee and Claire. We sat around drinking mimosa’s and catching up on the latest in our lives while the kids ran around all day. Delicious food and great company – there is no better way to spend a Sunday I think.

Aurora had a birthday party at 15h30 yesterday afternoon. Such a strange time to have a birthday party – usually Saturdays or Sunday mornings work, but I’ve never had an invite for one so late in the afternoon, on a Sunday to boot!  The party was at Gordon’s Gymnastics in Mowbray, and let me tell you, the kids had an absolute ball with all the fun activities they had planned. I think the venue was selected because it was indoors. With May weather in Cape Town you have to be really careful about venue because you never know if it’s going to rain or not. The kids had a lot of fun activities, and I even jumped into the sponge pit with Aurora (with the other parents looking on with what could have been either amusement or annoyance). Let me tell you, it was a whole other mission to actually get myself out. I also think that the red velvet dinosaur cake was most probably more enjoyed by the parents than the kids.

All in all it was a good day out, and a really great weekend!


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