Times Have Changed…

Yesterday when I fetched Aurora from school she handed me a letter from her “big school”. It was an invitation from the Grade 1 class at the school to the Grade R class at the kindergarten to join them for a lesson this morning.

We arrived on time, and Aurora seemed quite excited to see her class mates also waiting outside for the school lesson to begin. I haven’t actually spent any time at the DSK, so was completely unaware of the actual school uniform. At first, I thought they were having a civvies day (which is odd for a Tuesday). Turns out, the kids wear jeans to school. With whatever shoes (sneakers or boots), a white golf shirt with the school emblem, and a school tracksuit (fleece) jacket. The girls don’t tie their hair up. Some of them were wearing make up. Subtle, but still noticeable. Just plain weird.

I remember not being allowed to walk between class (or home from school) without wearing the school blazer. You were also not allowed to wear a jersey unless you wore your blazer over it. Plain white socks, polished shoes (my dad used to check our shoes for the perfect level of shininess every night before bed). A dress or skirt 4 fingers above the knee and not a mm shorter. Hair tied up and out of the face – if you had bangs it was not allowed to hang in your eyes. No jewelry, only one pair of earrings, either gold or silver. Only the small studs or sleepers. Absolutely NO make up. Boys had to have short back and sides – hair was not allowed on the collar, over the ears or in the eyes. Even the girls finger nails were not allowed to be longer than 2mm. It came down to discipline and pride in your appearance. We wore our school colours and awards on our blazers proudly.

I feel that the lack of a proper uniform loosely translates into a lack of discipline. But then I did notice that, although wearing jeans and having their hair loose, the girls still looked neat and presentable, so I guess it is a uniform but in a much more casual sense.

On the plus side, for now I don’t have to stress about the cost of expensive school uniforms and shoes. Not so good side? When she starts demanding Levi’s or Guess or Diesel or True Religion denims. Because in any casual environment it starts becoming more about the labels and who’s cooler than cool. 

Guess I better start saving for denim jeans now right? 



4 thoughts on “Times Have Changed…

  1. Miss C says:

    Jip, you are going to wish that she was wearing a school uniform.

  2. Tash says:

    Miss C – I found the dress code on their website:
    Trousers/Skirts (not available in school shop)
    • Long, ¾ or short navy blue trousers or jeans without holes or frays. Navy blue skirt. No mini shorts/skirts (no more than four fingers wide above the knee).
    • No blotchy, floral or decorated (stickers/applications/embroidery) trousers or jeans.
    • Trousers or skirts must be worn in such a way that no part of underwear is visible, whether seated or standing.

    Jewellery and Hairstyle
    • Only unobtrusive jewellery to be worn: 1 earring per earlobe, 1 discreet bangle per arm, 1 ring, 1 necklace.
    Discreet make-up.
    • No facial piercing.
    • No visible tattoos.
    • No unnatural hair colour (e.g. dyed green, pink, purple etc.)
    • Neat hairstyle.

    Not too bad I guess – there are a lot more guidelines on attire.

  3. Cindy says:

    I remember the days that you are talking about as if it were yesterday. I guess time changes all things, but that wasn’t something that I through would change so soon.

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