I started this challenge a while ago, and I kind of fizzled out after about 3 weeks. So I want to start again, starting today – who’s keen to join me?


So today I’ll start with Day 1 of #100HappyDays:


My cat, Koku. She’s 10 years old. I’ve had her since she was a tiny little kitten with too big ears, big blue eyes and a too long scrawny tail. She’s been through relationships break-ups, moved provinces, been introduced to a baby, then chased and squeezed and generally annoyed by a toddler, been introduced to 2 dogs who she put in their place. A nosy neighbour took her away from me and for 4 days I was stressed out of my mind with worry, but I found her before she was taken to a shelter. She always comes for love and cuddles, and she always makes me feel loved.


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