Sometimes things just don’t work out

I took a new job at the beginning of April. I wasn’t happy at my other job and it was showing through in my lack of performance, so when I got the exciting offer to work for a start-up I threw caution to the wind and went ahead and took the job.

Now, 3 months later, a LOT of marketing, cold calling, emailing, phoning, meeting after meeting after meeting – and we don’t have any paying clients on board yet. We’ve adjusted pricing, put together industry specific special offers for next to nothing, but people just aren’t committing. It’s unfortunate, because I really believe we have an amazing product, we just need that first one or 2 deals signed and then it’ll roll from there. The biggest objection I’m facing in the sales meeting is that we’re a new company with no client base. It’s incredibly difficult to convince a company to invest in a new start up – no matter how awesome the product on offer is.

I basically have this week to think about what I’m going to do – but the bottom line is there isn’t actually any funding left for a salary for July if I decide to stay on and continue to try and get the sales in.

So now I need to look for alternatives. Again. And I think of all the lives dependent on me. My daughter. My dogs. My cats. I feel like I’ve failed them. Again. I don’t know how many more times I can handle going through this.

I’m meeting a friend tomorrow morning who has a few small businesses on the go. I also have a franchise opportunity that I could work on, but it requires a capital investment that I just don’t have.

I’m tired of this crap. I just want to win the lotto or marry a really rich man.

Is that too much to ask for?



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