Mountain Fairies and Waterfalls

On Sunday morning I took the dogs and went with a friend and her son for a hike along the Pipe Trail at Table Mountain. I ended up having to fetch Aurora earlier from her dad, so she joined us for the hike. I have to admit she’s not a big fan of walking, so I was a bit concerned about how she would do and at what point I’d need to turn around to stop the moaning.
Well, we ended up walking close to 7km in total, with a few stops along the way for snacks and to explore and take photos.
At one point we found a teeny tiny little “waterfall”. More of a trickle over a few rocks actually, but Aurora stopped and crouched down for a good couple of minutes before asking in a very serious voice whether this was where the Mountain Fairies lived.


Yes of course it is where the fairies live!!! 🙂 so much of the walk was spent discussing which flowers they live in and what food they eat and whether the swim in winter? And do they go right to the top of the mountain but do they walk or do they fly and what do they do when it rains? It was a magical conversation on a scenic walk, and she enjoyed it so much she’s asked if we can go back to visit the fairies this weekend.





Of course we can visit them this weekend! Unless it’s raining. Then we’re going ice skating 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mountain Fairies and Waterfalls

  1. Miss C says:

    Lovely! Oh to have a child’s imagination and still believe in fairies.

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