New business venture

Last week Monday I was told there was no money in the business for a salary for July, so I had to decide what I was going to do going forward. I am looking for a new sales position, but in the meantime I’ve got a new business venture that could help me keep things going until something more permanent comes along.

A friend of mine has a part time business that he’s been doing quite well with, but he’s been too busy to give it the focus it needs, so he’s asked me to work with him (but for myself).

So, below are some pictures of the stunning wine crate furniture on offer. It’s actually unbelievable how versatile these crates are – whether you want a coffee table, wine display case, book shelf, kids storage boxes – the options are endless! Personally I love the crates and think I might actually start putting together stuff for the house – especially all the books that are lying around all over the place with no safe place to live 🙂

I’m really excited about this opportunity, and I want to speak to the guys at the craft markets around Cape Town to see what the requirements are for setting up a stand at their weekend markets. Maybe this could turn into a full time gig. I sure hope so. I’m actually so fed up with the standard 8 to 5, reporting to a boss crap.

2 thoughts on “New business venture

  1. Miss C says:

    good luck on your business venture. What would be the cost of a crate?

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