A Visit to Clay Cafe – Hout Bay

When the weather is cold and wet like it was this past weekend, the last thing I feel like doing is leaving the house. But Aurora had an invitation to a birthday party on Saturday morning, so we left home before 9am for the drive through to the other side of the mountain.

The party was at Clay Cafe in Hout Bay, and although I’ve heard quite a bit about the place I’ve never actually been there. They have a really cozy studio space with rows of clay items that the kids can pick and choose from. Mugs, plates, bowls, cow shaped milk jugs, faires and piggy banks.

Aurora painted a piggy bank and a mug, which we will get from the folks at Clay Cafe once they have fired and glazed and whatever it is that they do to clay πŸ™‚

wpid-20140705_103935.jpg wpid-20140705_104833.jpg wpid-20140705_103446.jpg wpid-20140705_103611.jpg wpid-20140705_103629.jpgΒ 20140705_110214

It’s definitely a place I’d like to go to with Aurora so we can make our own personalized dinner plates and cereal bowls.

And Cape Town being Cape Town in winter, we went from this in the morning:


To this in the afternoon…




Gotta love Cape Town πŸ™‚


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