Me time

Occasionally my cousin asks me to house sit for her and look after her dogs when she goes away for a weekend. Sometimes Aurora is with me and we enjoy the opportunity to have time just for ourselves, and we often go to the Park with the dogs or to Company’s Garden to feed the squirrels and visit the museum.

Sometimes though I get to house sit when Aurora isn’t with me. I have my dogs with me as well as my cousin’s 2, and while 4 dogs may seem like a hell of a lot they are actually a pretty easy bunch to look after.

Right now I am appreciating the quiet time. Still lying in bed, reading my book with no one around. No obligations or chores or expectations for me to do something today. Just me enjoying my own company. I welcome the opportunity to unwind after a long busy week.

It just bugs me when I tell some people that I’m house sitting on my own and they feel obligated to nag to go out or do something. If I said no last night why would I say yes today?

So my answer is still going to be no. Thanks. This is me time and I’m going to enjoy it.


One thought on “Me time

  1. Miss C says:

    Enjoy the Me time 🙂

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