Taking The Train To Kalk Bay

I’ve been living in Cape Town now for over 7 years, and one thing that has always been on my list of things to do is to take the train to Kalk Bay / Simon’s Town.



A friend and her beautiful daughter joined us for the day. We got the 11h35 train from the Rondebosch Station. The girls were getting a bit antsy because we must have just missed the previous train, and waited almost half an hour for the next one. The ride was an experience itself – just about every stop had some busker of sorts hopping into the carriage and generally making a noise of song and dance while asking for coins. At one point between stops there wasn’t any one performing for coins and it was weirdly quiet except for the clickety click of the train on the tracks.


We got off at the Kalk Bay station and went straight over to the Brass Bell, which is an establishment popular with Capetonians and tourists alike. It was a bit windy, but that didn’t seem to bother the girls and they insisted on swimming in the little pool that’s been built for the kids.


The food was amazing – not much of a selection available for pizzas, but what they do have was absolutely delicious.




We also had some unlikely entertainment in the form of a bachelor’s party. Unfortunately the groom in his adult diaper was for some reason a bit “scary” for my friends daughter and she started insisting that we “get out of here”…


All in all, it was a really good day out, and definitely something I’d like to do again, minus the kids and probably getting out a lot earlier in the morning to explore Kalk Bay and all its little gems a bit more.


One thought on “Taking The Train To Kalk Bay

  1. Johan says:

    Great stuff. Love the photos. We live in Simonstown and don’t use the train as much as we would love too. If they allowed Just Nuisance in the past then why not now?

    We always travel with our dogs and it would be great if they allowed them.

    BTW looks like a great trip you had on one of the most beautiful seaside train rides.

    Regards Johan

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