We’re 6!!!!

Aurora turned 6 on 23 December, and we ended up throwing a very last minute party for her classmates and a few other friends. When I say last minute I literally mean a week before the set date, which was 14 December. With little time to organize a venue, and a very limited budget we did the best we could 🙂

We had a picnic at the Deer Park in Vredehoek, my cousin made the cake, I put together 20 party packs, a couple of snack platters for the adults and some champers and OJ for the parents and we had a very relaxed day 🙂 I didn’t take many pictures at all, but I think the focus was definitely the fairy cake – my cousin is a genius and Aurora absolutely loved it!

On that, I cannot believe my beautiful angel girl is 6 already. A big girl, she’s strong-willed, independent, empathetic, gentle, kind, polite, intelligent and the absolute love of my life. I’m so looking forward to watching her become the amazing young woman I know she’ll be.


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