Sorting my music library in lieu of sleep

I seem to be going through stages of insomnia. I hate it, because I’m wide awake at night when I’m supposed to be sleeping. I can’t get my brain to shut down. But I also do feel tired during the day because I’m busy and on my feet. Something has got to give soon!

I was lying here trying to get my brain to sleep, so I decided to actually keep myself busy and sort my music library. I have hundreds  of “unknown” tracks. So now I’m sitting with the TrackID app on my phone and getting the name and artist for everything that I can.

I’ve got some real good ones here – I found an entire 80s album of mixed artists!!!! hahahahaha!!!! Loving it though….

Hopefully I will get to sleep before midnight… last night I only fell asleep around 2.30am….

Anyone got any natural solutions for me? I’ve used melatonin and it worked, but only had enough for 3 days. 😕


2 thoughts on “Sorting my music library in lieu of sleep

  1. sam says:

    hey you 🙂 … I posted this on FB recently … its so simple, but made a difference. To be fair, I wasnt going through major insomnia issues, but it did make falling asleep easier. Let me know if it works for you!!

    if it does work, might swap u this brilliant advice for some of those tunes 😉

    – Sam

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