First Day of Big School

Aurora started grade 1 on Wednesday. I’m sure any mother will tell you that it is quite possibly the single biggest milestone in a child’s life.

The school she is attending had a big welcome ceremony for the children. The grade 1’s were seated in the first few rows of the hall, all of them holding onto their Schultuete, and the Grade 2 class performed a little play for them, welcoming them to the school and getting them excited about the learning, reading and writing and sports.

The principal from the kindergarten handed over gifts from the children to the new teachers (a canvas bag, with the hand prints of the children in their class for the year), and the teachers gave each child a gift to welcome them to their class (it was small, something nice to eat, but a lovely gesture).

Once the children were led out to their classes, the parents were offered coffee and cake, and a tour of the school. The school is made up of a few levels at the foot of Lions Head. I can tell you now, many, many stairs will be climbed up and down over the next 12 years!

We had our first parents evening on Thursday, and had the opportunity to meet the various teachers for the different subjects, and meet the class teacher and parents of other students in the class.  I’m very happy that Aurora is in the smallest class – only 14 children. Her teacher is absolutely lovely and I know that this school is going to be absolutely amazing for her. I have to admit that I was so overwhelmed with the amount of work and learning that these little ones are going to be doing this year, I honestly started worrying whether she would cope! But I know my little miss, she is focused and determined and independent – she’ll be more than fine!

Here’s to the next stage of her journey through life – may she thrive and grow into a beautiful, respectful, sincere young woman.


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