The Homework Fight

A week into Grade 1 and we’re already fighting about homework. 

Yesterday afternoon I had to check that Aurora had completed her homework at aftercare  (they have minimum of 45 minutes allocated to homework everyday). She hadn’t completed everything at school and when I checked it, I was told that she got tired and didn’t finish. Fair enough, it is a long day for a little one and they are so busy learning that I’m pretty sure it’s bloody exhausting!

But then the fight to finish the homework started… my word! Is this what I’m in for for the next 12 years? I’m going to run out of bribes before the first term is up! It all comes down to discipline, and self discipline  (following through and finishing assigned tasks no matter how mundane or difficult) is critical to becoming a responsible,  self sufficient adult…

Aurora is generally pretty good and finishing tasks. As a parent now it’s definitely up to me to focus on her school work as much as possible to ensure she succeeds.

Growing up I never did homework because it wasn’t checked at home. I never handed in projects, studied for exams, nothing, because I wasn’t pushed to do it. Today I regret it.

It is definitely a parents responsibility to help their child perform to the best of their abilities, encouraging and helping them grow into the kind of men and women that will be respected and successful and admired.

Now I need to work on my patience to ensure that I provide one of these women to the world.


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