Small pleasures…

Aurora’s dad is out tonight so he asked if I could take her instead of her being with a babysitter, and she’s been missing me and asking when she’s coming home all week.

She’s definitely taking strain with the huge amount of change in school and daily activities in general. She seems to be a bit more attached to me than normal, and most of last week when dropping her at school I had tears and arms wrapped around me so tight it took a good few minutes before I could leave her classroom. It’s hard seeing her being so overwhelmed. But I have to be firm and push her to do what needs to be done when all I really want to do is bring her home and cuddle on the couch all day.

Like this…. 🙂


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I’m definitely not expecting any declarations of love, but Aurora and I got ourselves some delicious cupcakes and heart shaped cookies and she’s going to try make me coffee and bring me a cupcake in bed.

I couldn’t think of a more perfect Valentine’s morning than that 🙂


And the bakery we got the cupcakes from let Aurora ice the pink one herself… ❤


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