Gearing up for the holidays

I’m a bit slow on the uptake this year. My Christmas tree isn’t up, Aurora hasn’t even asked to put it up yet. I’m sure we’ll get it up in time though.

Aurora finished school last week, and I only finish work end of next week, with 2 weeks off. I’m planning on making those 2 weeks as much fun for us as my pocket will allow.

We’re heading out to Klondyke Farm for cherry picking on saturday, it’s something I’ve been promising to do with her for the last 3 years, and every year we miss the season. Strawberry picking has been done so many times already she’s not interested in going again this year.

Work has slowed down for my team quite significantly as our clients tend to not want to see us in season, so we have a lot of unscheduled time to kill during the day. This was me working yesterday…




I did have some good conversations though and lined up a few meetings for the new year, so I did achieve something at least 🙂


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