The best money saving app around!

Definitely the best saving tool around – I’m so tight on budget every month, that every little bit saved helps! If you haven’t already, you definitely need to download SnapnSave – available on Android and iOS.

An Ordinary Gal

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but life is getting pretty darn expensive on the home front and I have 3 kids that literally eat me out of house and home, so I’m always trying to save a buck.

I love the ideas of coupons and vouchers, but I honestly always forget to use them. I found a fabulous site last year where they gave some pretty good discounts, where they’d send the discount as a code to your cellphone. When you make the purchase, you give the cashier the pin and you get the discount on the product/products. Fantastic right? No….because I only remember I have a code when I’m at home, 7hrs after I’ve made the purchase.

So a few weeks ago a friend was blabbing on and on about this cool ‘snap and save‘ app she uses. I tried to ignore her,  because it…

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One thought on “The best money saving app around!

  1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing ❤

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