Books I’ve Read

I’ve read a lot of books since February this year, and I’m going to try remember books I read since September 2012:

Hush Hush series – (4 books) – Hush Hush, Crescendo, Silence, Finale (Becca Fitzgerald)  A high school girl meets and falls in love with a fallen angel. It was ok, I just got a bit tired of the main female character from about book 3 because she was just so spineless :/

Elemental Mysteries (4 books) – A Hidden Fire, This Same Earth, The Force of Wind, A Fall of Water (Elizabeth Hunter)  Vampires with a difference – you get four types of vampires, each has the power to control the elements of earth, wind, fire and water. They are not sparkly, they don’t go to high school, and they don’t walk around during the day. I really enjoyed these books

The Hunger Games (3 books) – The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay (Suzanne Collins)  – I watched the movie first, then read the books. Then watched the movie again. I enjoyed the story line, Katniss is a force to be reckoned with, and I’m really looking forward to the sequel due out later this year.

The Fallen Series (4 books) – Fallen, Torment, Passion, Rapture (Fallen in Love is book 3.5 in the Fallen Series) (Lauren Kate) – I love love loved these books! Again, high school student meets and falls in love with a fallen angel. Her relationship with him and other fallen angels lead her to discovery her own true identity, and the absolutely earth shattering role she plays in the forces between heaven and hell.

Memoirs of a Geisha (Arthur Golden) – A beautifully written story of the life of a Geisha in Tokyo, Japan, before and after World War 2. I absolutely loved the movie, but the book just brings so much more depth and life to the story.

Southern Vampire – The Sookie Stackhouse Novels (12 books) – Charlaine Harris – I have read the first 2 books in the set of 12 books. The TV series True Blood is based on these books.

Forgive My Fins (3 books) – Forgive My Fins, Fins Are Forever, Just For Fins (Tera Lynn Childs) – teenage mermaids. A light read, average story line but still enjoyable.

Other books (mostly Young Adult novels)

Ten Tiny Breaths and One Tiny Lie (K.A Tucker)

Tempting the Best Man and Tempting the Player – (Gamble Brothers)  J. Lynn

At First Sight – Nicholas Sparks

Thomas and January – Amelie Fisher

Vain – Amelie Fisher

Callum & Harper – Amelie Fisher

Heavy Issues – Elle Aycart

If You Stay (Beautifully Broken) – Courtney Cole

The Language of Flowers – Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Reason to Breathe – Rebecca Donovan

Barely Breathing – Rebecca Donovan

Bewitching – Alex Flinn

Beastly – Alex Flinn

Cloaked – Alex Flinn

Beastly: Lindy’s Diary – Alex Flinn

The Vincent Boys – Abbi Glines

Never Too Far – Abbi Glines

Because of Low – Abbi Glines

Just for Now – Abbi Glines

While It Lasts – Abbi Glines

Breathe – Abbi Glines

Slammed – Colleen Hoover

Point of Retreat – Colleen Hoover

Wanderlove – Kirsten Hubbard

Unleashed – Cherrie Lynn

Rock Me – Cherrie Lynn

The Host – Stephenie Meyer

Suicide Note – Teresa Mummert

The Mayfair Moon – J.A Redmerski (I have to add here that this series was enjoyable – a story about werewolves)

The Ballad of Aramei – J.A Redmerski

Kindred – J.A Redmerski

The Siren – Tiffany Reisz

Torn (Torn Series) – K.A. Robinson

Twisted (Torn Series) – K.A. Robinson

All Over You – Emily Snow

Tidal – Emily Snow

Total read between September 2012 and August 2013: 59

I have to say a special thank you to CupcakeMummy for sharing most of these books with me.



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