December holidays and birthday parties!

Aurora turns 4 on December 23rd, and this year I can’t have the party with jumping castles and lots of kids like usual. She’ll also be with her dad half of the holidays (1 week with each parent over 4 weeks), and this year she’ll be with him on her actual birthday. I’ve planned a mini party for her this Saturday.

She’s asked specifically for a pink party so I’m having a few close friends with their kidlets around to share her birthday. This year less is definitely more, and Aurora will be thrilled to be having a party – fun does not need to have an expensive price tag for a 4 year old.

So, thinking of low budget party treats for the kiddies, I have the following ideas:

– pink mini cake and pink cupcakes – we (Coral) made a mini 3 tier cake with a 3D mould from Mr. Price – it turned out well enough and we’ll work out the icing – the actual cake itself will be pink and the icing white with pink dots 🙂

– pink juice – Strawberry Super M and maybe a raspberry mixer juice

– Pink marshmallows

– pink popcorn: we’re going to trial run making this today

– pink rice crispie treats

– Pink jelly – lovely summer sweets is jelly set in orange halves. The fruit is scooped out and just the peel used as a “cup” for the jelly to set in, and then cut into quarters.

– Pink smarties (this may be a mission)

– Strawberries and watermelon (lovely summer fruits)

– chips – I think the pink prawn chips from Woolies will do the job

All we’ll need is a pretty table with some pink decor and a few balloons and I think we’ll have a lovely garden picnic party.

Time to do some shopping… 🙂


Cowboy Hats, Divas, and Pink Fluffy Handcuffs

Last night I celebrated my 34th birthday – or as I cleverly decided – the 13th anniversary of my 21st. 🙂 It was an amazing evening full of hot waiters, sassy divas, fabulous friends and family, delicious food and yummy cocktails.

We went to on Somerset Road for Bitchy Bingo which happens every Tuesday night.. Our very charming hostess provided plenty laughs and got me up on stage when I won the 4th and final round of Bingo – I had to work hard for my prize – dancing for a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs.  I was so chuffed I immediately cuffed Mr. Q to me – I don’t think he minded too much 😉

I’m still pretty hungover and trying to figure out a way to actually get thru the work day, so apologies if the post is not all that well written. They do say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll just pop a few pics from last night for you. My darling sister managed to get a video of me dancing which I will get from her tonight. Depending on the level of embarrassment I may or may not add it to my blog 🙂









Ok I don’t know why my photos are not posting the right way and I don’t have the brain capacity to sort it out right now – besides I have another meeting 😉

Will see if I can sort out this post later today hahaha!

It’s My Birthday Month and I’ll Get a Tattoo If I Want To!

I’ve been in contact with a tattoo artist (Aidin from Fine Lines Tattoo Studio in Blouberg) who is going to play around with some nice flowing fonts for me – the font I like may be is too thick for what I want done.

He quoted between R650 and R750 – which sadly is way out of my budget… 😥  However, it being my birthday month I figured I’d ask friends and family interested in buying me anything for my birthday to rather contribute towards this…  cheeky?  Yes. But do I deserve it?  HELL YES!  😀

And as always, my birth month is looking full of awesomeness already – new tattoo, weekend away (7th), birthday dinner with my gals at Beefcakes (18th), Heineken Symphonic Rocks (29th), Bilton Wines and ARO Dog Walk (30th), Rhino Run (my first trail run ever, 6km, on the 22nd)… Actual birthday on the 19th and work gives us half day so I’ll be taking advantage and head up Table Mountain for free with a bottle of bubbly to watch the glorious Cape Town sunset.

Oh yes! Roll on September – you and I shall have great fun together!