Watershed Live

Last Friday evening I was invited by a friend to attend an intimate performance by one of South Africa’s top acoustic rock groups, Watershed. The gig was at Oven Baked in Muizenberg, which provided a cosy set up for the band to woo us with their latest offering, their new album titled “Watch The Rain”. Pizza and beer aplenty, Craig and Howie kept us entertained and reminded me again just how much talent we have in this country.

The new album is a little bit country, and will definitely keep you bopping along to the strumming ukulele and singing along.   Watch the video for the title track:


You can listen and buy the full album here

I’m definitely looking forward to more live performances over the summer months. We’re so spoiled in Cape Town with amazing venues hosting some of the country’s top acts, and I’m looking forward to seeing Watershed again soon.





The 2014 update

Okay so I’ve been absent and distracted for a good several months already. My time has been taken up by New hobbies, New friends, building stronger relationships with old friends, and crazy schitzo exes. The crazy ex has resulted in me having to create a new Twitter account, set up multiple spam filters on my Gmail account, have various email addresses blocked on the server at work, set the highest possible secure filters on Facebook and share my photos on Instagram by request only. The experience had left me feeling invaded and wary, but screw it I should be allowed my tiny space on the internet without feeling threatened right?

So, even if I don’t feel like specifically writing about anything in particular, I suppose I could just share a photo here and there, maybe chat about something that’s bothering me, a funny conversation, anything that I feel I could share. Get my blog back on a roll.

I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to teach Aurora to swim. It’s not the easiest task – but she’s been determined and I’ve been patient and we’re making really great progress! My main reason for doing it now is because I’ve recently started surfing, and I can only go on the weekends when she is with her dad. I just don’t have anyone I can leave her on the beach with while I paddle around and get dunked for 3 hours at a time.  I think we’ll be ready to take her into the water by the end of February and let her play around on a boogie board, just to get her used to the idea of waves and how to go with the flow of them, so to speak.  I chatted with her yesterday about it and she’s quite excited, and let me know that she’s already been “sand surfing” a few times with her dad so she says”it’s no problem mom I can do it”.  She’s fearless and willing to try anything, which sometimes leaves me with a pounding heart and a little short of breathe. In all honesty though I’m super proud of her.

The Friend Zone

This weekend I got myself friend zoned.  Not sure if it’s what I want, because actually I have enough friends.

When it comes down to it, does it work? The few guys I’ve stayed friends with it seems that as soon as they find someone (or vice versa) then all of a sudden you stop being friends. It all seems a bit pointless doesn’t it?

I always thought that platonic friendships could work. Now in my mid-thirties I’m settled with my circle of friends, and more interested in finding someone to settle down with than making new friends.

This whole human need for relationships can be quite bothersome really….

Long Time no see

It’s so nice when old friends are in the area and you get the chance to catch up after years of not seeing each other!

A friend and his son were down from Joburg for a few days, so I picked them up on Saturday morning and we headed through to Monkey Town in Somerset West for the day.

Monkey Town has more than 230 animals and 28 species of exotic monkeys, including Tammy, Ruby and Sunny, the 3 chimp sisters. Most of these animals were born in captivity, and kept as lonely pets in cages. A lot of the animals were confiscated or donated. There are also koi ponds, many bird species and small antelope on the premises.

The Bush Pub and Grill provides a relaxing area for parents to relax while kids run around and play on the jungle gyms, trampolines, Wendy house, swings and more.

On Sunday the kids were away so Juan and I headed through to the Route 44 market at Audacia in Stellenbosch. We had a great lunch and enjoyed a few glasses of wine while catching on on the last 6 years or so since we last chatted.

I love weekends that just end up being so much more awesome than expected 🙂

When You Disappoint Someone You Love

On Monday last week I saw a post by a close friend on Facebook saying how much she would have loved to make her 14 year old daughter’s dream come true by getting her tickets to the Justin Bieber concert in Johannesburg, which is happening tonight.

I know the family has been through a really difficult few months and I thought geez, I really wish I could help them out… a couple hours later when I checked Twitter, a user announced that he had won tickets to the Joburg show, and that he was unable to attend so the tickets were up for grabs.
I thought wow, how fortunate is this, timing is everything, and maybe I could actually help out and surprise this young lady with tickets… I chatted with him, and he kindly agreed to donate 2 of the tickets to my friend and her daughter, and that he would let me know as soon as they were delivered to him.

Sadly the tickets haven’t arrived and I’m sitting here with an aching heart because all I wanted to do was help and I failed.  It’s also rather strange that he’d won the tickets, but whoever he won them from couldn’t get them delivered to him in time?

There are some genuinely kind and helpful people out there, I have met some of them online and they have helped me even though we’ve never met.  Guess I just had a little too much faith and trust this time around.

It’s not a good feeling at all… 😥