December holidays and birthday parties!

Aurora turns 4 on December 23rd, and this year I can’t have the party with jumping castles and lots of kids like usual. She’ll also be with her dad half of the holidays (1 week with each parent over 4 weeks), and this year she’ll be with him on her actual birthday. I’ve planned a mini party for her this Saturday.

She’s asked specifically for a pink party so I’m having a few close friends with their kidlets around to share her birthday. This year less is definitely more, and Aurora will be thrilled to be having a party – fun does not need to have an expensive price tag for a 4 year old.

So, thinking of low budget party treats for the kiddies, I have the following ideas:

– pink mini cake and pink cupcakes – we (Coral) made a mini 3 tier cake with a 3D mould from Mr. Price – it turned out well enough and we’ll work out the icing – the actual cake itself will be pink and the icing white with pink dots 🙂

– pink juice – Strawberry Super M and maybe a raspberry mixer juice

– Pink marshmallows

– pink popcorn: we’re going to trial run making this today

– pink rice crispie treats

– Pink jelly – lovely summer sweets is jelly set in orange halves. The fruit is scooped out and just the peel used as a “cup” for the jelly to set in, and then cut into quarters.

– Pink smarties (this may be a mission)

– Strawberries and watermelon (lovely summer fruits)

– chips – I think the pink prawn chips from Woolies will do the job

All we’ll need is a pretty table with some pink decor and a few balloons and I think we’ll have a lovely garden picnic party.

Time to do some shopping… 🙂