A Weekend of Madness

I moved on Friday night. Normally quite an exciting time (new beginnings and all that), but this time was different.  When I got retrenched a couple weeks ago the first thought that went through my mind was “my lease expires 30 November, and I can’t get a new lease without a job”… so after a brief chat with an amazing friend it was agreed that I could move my household contents – including 2 cats, 2 dogs, a fish and a child – into her 3 bedroom home. We figured we’d shuffle everything around and we’d fit.

Well, we’re sitting here now Sunday evening, and the kitchen and lounge have been sorted.  The rest of the house… well….  erm….  There are beds in the “dining area”, 2 lounge suites squashed into the lounge, the cats hiding out in the wrong bedroom and 2 kids who at various points during the course of the weekend have had the kind of fights typical of siblings. It’s a huge adjustment for the kids – both of them are only kids and now all of a sudden they’ve been thrown into a situation where there is another kid around all the time. I think it may take a week or 2 still but we’re getting there. Today was definitely better than yesterday.

We had 2 birthday celebrations today – a dotty dalmation 2nd birthday at Spur, and a very close friend’s early birthday celebration (it’s in 17 days just in case we forget)… 🙂

There’s still a lot to be done in the house (sorting and packing and general tidying up) which I’m hoping to get stuck into this week.

I also have an interview on Tuesday with a company in the City Bowl. I’ll be doing some research and intensive prep work tomorrow – wish me luck! 🙂

Right now though, it’s time for a chilled glass of wine, a movie and some down time to recharge for the week ahead.


The Problem with Property…

Especially in Cape Town, is that the rental market supply/demand is staggeringly unbalanced. I have applied for no less than 8 different houses/apartments, sometimes paying an application fee, and have not been successful with a single application!

The biggest problem I’m facing is the fact that I have as many pets as I do. The closer to City Bowl you get, the less pet friendly the accommodation is. If you want a decent house with a garden close to City Bowl you’re looking at approx. R8000+ rental for a 2 bedroom home. It’s insane. Another issue is that for each property an agent shows, there are about 20 to 30 people that show up to view, and between 5 and 10 applications. Your chances of getting selected is almost like trying to play the lotto. 

It’s a numbers game I suppose – apply, apply, apply and apply again, and at some point your number is bound to come up. Of course it won’t be the perfect place, but rather something you’ll have to settle on before you find yourself “homeless” on the 1st of the new month.

I have an approved application sitting with Rawson Properties in the City Bowl. The apartment that I had my heart set on (around the corner from Aurora’s new school) has been let to the owner’s sister, so the agent is a bit miffed also because he’s losing out on commission. He’s viewing a 2 bedroom in Vredehoek this afternoon and will call me as soon as he’s had a look to give me first option on the place. I’m also looking at another 2 bed in Vredehoek today, so let’s hold thumbs that at least one of these 2 works out. Of course, a flat in Vredehoek means no dogs. But that’s something I can’t bear to think about right now.

Another solution would be to look for a house mate. But at my age, with a young daughter, and used to my own space, I very much doubt that sharing a house with someone and having no privacy will make me a happy person to live with.

Either way, I don’t think that my future home is going to be all that I desire.