We’re still here!

So the world ended yesterday 🙂 And with it, I hope, the string of bad luck I seem to have been experiencing recently. It’s time I let go of 2012 and everything that it has thrown at me and focus with renewed energy and positive thoughts on the next phase of my life.

I lost my job – twice – oh well…

I didn’t get the job I wanted – oh well….

I got my heart broken (probably a bit self inflicted too) – oh well….

I still have issues with my ex but….   oh well

My car broke down and won’t be fixed until early January… oh well!

See, these are things that have happened, that I can’t change. What I can change is how I deal with them. Rather say “oh well, it happened, deal with it and move forward” instead of “what if / if only” and living in the past wishing that things were different.

My task for myself going forward is to take note every day of the GOOD things that have happened. Be grateful for the GOOD in my life. 

Here’s to a happy new Age of Aquarius (if you’re into that sort of thing 🙂 

Oh, and I need to get some photos of last week’s pink party from Cupcakemummy because can you believe it – I didn’t take a single picture myself *shakes head*