The Hunger Games

I have to say that I didn’t really enjoy the movie.  It didn’t seem to have as much excitement and energy that I had expected from all the hype surrounding it.

I am, however, absolutely engrossed in the books! I really cannot put them down and I’m about halfway through the last book, “MockingJay” and I am absolutely ravenous for more!!!  What am I going to do when I’m finished this one?

Who would have thought that a story about a young girl inadvertently becoming the symbol for an uprising against a cruel Capitol and it’s vile President Snow would be so unputdownable??  (That’s a word right?)

I think I’m savouring my free time at the moment – I’ve been reading pretty much non-stop since last week Wednesday, and I’m already trying to figure out what I can read next… if anyone has any suggestions for some great series that I can lose myself in for a few hours a day please do share!

Right now I need to get back to Katniss, Peeta and Gale and find out how their attack on the Capitol fares…