Scatter brains

I know I haven’t blogged in a bit, time seems to be running away with me.

I’ve started a new post on the odd occasion, but when I read what I’ve written it just looks boring or negative so I delete and forget about it. So, an update on the work front:

Still waiting tables. Long hours and ok money, but I do enjoy the place and the people I work with are actually pretty cool 🙂

I’ve had an adsl line installed, ordered business cards and printed welcome packs for the business venture.

I’m sitting in the waiting room at the courts in Plein Street to request an extension on a trial date so that the Cape Law Society can allocate a pro bono lawyer to my case.

My mind is all over the place and my energy levels peak and dip, but overall I’m still standing strong…

One day at a time… just one day at a time 🙂


34 before 35 #1 – get a job

Well, it’s not quite the executive office job I need, but it is work and for that I am grateful.

I started waitressing at a family restaurant close to home yesterday evening, and I have my next 2 shifts lined up for tonight and Saturday night.

Chatting with the other staff I realize that I can earn enough to cover my living expenses, and I can completely work around my visitation  schedule with Aurora so I can  maximize my time with her 🙂

I’ll also have the time available during the day to job hunt and attend interviews – and go to gym/movies/sleep late when I’m not working during the day.

It’s a start. 🙂